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​What is flameproofing?


The process of treating materials so that they will not support combustion. Although cellulosic materials such as paper, fiberboard, textiles, and wood products cannot be treated so that they will not be destroyed by long exposure to fire, they can be treated to retard the spreading of fire and to be self-extinguishing after the igniting condition has been removed.

Why do I need to flameproof?


California Health & Safety Code: See SECTION 19810-19818

The FDNY, the Building Department and the Health Department enforces regulations that require all decorations, drapes and curtains, scenery and other materials used for artistic enhancement inside public buildings to be either non-combustible or flameproofed. These fire retardant regulations apply to all public buildings including Hotels, Theatres, Public Halls, Restaurants, Nightclubs/Bars, Department Stores and buildings used for public assembly, entertainment or instruction.


​Can I apply flameproofing myself?


Yes! Although it is often safer, easier, and more time efficient to have FABRIC FLAMEPROOFING take care of your flameproofing needs, under many circumstances the customers can do the job themselves. We offer a complete line of fire retardants along with applicators that will enable you to do many small applications. With the use of a Hudson sprayer, larger scale applications can also be managed.



Many businesses must present a certification of Fire Retardancy to the Fire Marshal in order to do business.  FABRIC FLAMEPROOFING is certified in New York City and the State of California by the State Fire Marshal's office. We can test your materials and if they do not pass and IF THE MATERIAL CAN BE flameproofed successfully, we can treat the fabric and provide the appropriate certification.

Can FABRIC FLAMEPROOFING's products be used in any state or country?


Every state has its own codes and before purchasing our products, you should check with your local Fire Marshal. These products are registered in New York and California which have some of the most stringent fire safety codes. These products have successfully treated materials around the world.

Can any fabric be flameproofed?


NO. This is one of the most important of all questions. Some people purchase fabrics needed for their business only to find out that they cannot be flame retarded. Before you purchase your materials, we encourage you to send us two (2) 3”x 6” samples. Our trained staff can then determine if the materials can be flame retarded.  We can then perform the service for you or recommend which of our products will be most appropriate. We offer free estimates by phone.

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