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With over 60 years of professional experience, FABRIC FLAMEPROOFING is family owned and operated and treats and certifies fabrics for commercial and residential uses all over California and the United States as well as Europe, South America, and Asian Countries.

​FABRIC FLAMEPROOFING offers a variety of flameproofing chemicals and products available for purchase. We also perform the application of flameproofing chemicals to your fabrics at our facility. You can find a full list of our services here.



Our experienced and trained staff performs the highest quality of work in a timely fashion and provides its services to major motion picture studios, international opera houses and theaters, churches and synagogues, trade shows, restaurants, night clubs, national touring companies, universities, colleges, high schools, and elementary schools throughout the world.


Making sure your fabrics meet the Fire Codes for theaters and trade shows cannot only prove costly, but this often overlooked expense can sometimes prevent a production or exhibit from happening at all. For this very reason, FABRIC FLAMEPROOFING offers a full line of their certified fire retardants at a fraction of the cost of most competitors. Many of the products are in powder form and can simply be mixed in a bucket by adding water — saving the consumer the hefty fees of freight!


Many businesses must present a certification of Fire Retardancy to the Fire Marshal in order to do business.  FABRIC FLAMEPROOFING is certified in New York City and the State of California by the State Fire Marshal's office. We can test your materials and if they do not pass and IF THE MATERIAL CAN BE flameproofed successfully, we can treat the fabric and provide the appropriate certification.

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We offer a complete line of flameproofing / fire retardant products that are very reasonably priced. Further SAVINGS are reaped from our instant formulas. Why pay for a liquid when you can mix it yourself?

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